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Welcome to the home of Audio Notetaker - our legacy note taking solution for students and institutions. Please note, Audio Notetaker is no longer available to purchase.

Upgrade to Glean

Glean is our new cloud-based audio note taking software which empowers students to become better learners.

Glean takes the best of Sonocent Audio Notetaker and delivers a host of new features designed to provide students with lifelong study skills.

Audio Notetaker Support

If you're still an Audio Notetaker user, we've still got all the resources and support you need to get the most from our legacy app.

Visit the pages linked below to access self-serve guides and manage your Audio Notetaker licences.

Sonocent is now Glean

We originally created Sonocent Audio Notetaker to provide accessible audio notes for people who found working with text notes difficult.

Now, as Glean, we've taken everything we've learned from assistive technology and made the learning process more inclusive for students of all abilities.

Cell phone hovering over a notepad illustrating digital transformationMeet Glean

Why upgrade to Glean

Our intuitive note-taking web application, Glean, makes it easier than ever for students to take control of their own learning through the power of great note taking.

Beyond note taking, Glean gives students of all abilities a framework for learning that will last a lifetime.

A mobile phone and laptop, both showing the Glean login screen

Here's some of the institutions seeing amazing results with Glean

University of Nebraska Lincoln
University of Central Florida
University of Plymouth
Madison Area Technical College
California State University Long Beach
Marquette University

Audio Notetaker Resources

If you're still a Sonocent Audio Notetaker customer, you can access support resources for our legacy note taking app below

Getting Started

If you're new to Sonocent Audio Notetaker, visit here to discover resources to help you get up and running with the software.

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Knowledge Base

Visit our Knowledge Base to access FAQs, user guides, and more to help you get the most out of Sonocent Audio Notetaker.

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Discover more about Glean

We're trusted by over 450 institutions worldwide, where thousands of students are using Glean to become better learners.

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